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Player, Parent and Coach Expectations


  • Players and parents can expect coaches to provide a fun learning environment.
  • Coaches will be on time and prepared for training sessions and games.
  • Players and parents can expect the coaches to be fair and give an honest evaluation of players.
  • Coaches will promote good sportsmanship and lead by example.
  • Coaches will maintain good communication with parents and players.
  • Coaches will hold players accountable who do not abide by good sportsmanship, attendance in games and practice sessions.
  • Coaches will work toward not only the development of their team, but the individual development of each player.


  • Players will come prepared for practice and games with all proper attire and equipment
  • Players will be expected to give full attention during training sessions and games
  • Players are expected to always work hard to help improve soccer skills and understanding of the game.
  • The amount of playing time players will receive during games will be based on game performance, determination in practice, punctuality and attitude.
  • Players should always be courteous of other players and teammates.
  • It is expected that all players exemplify and demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Players are expected to be respectful of their coaches, officials and opponents.
  • Players are required to carry exceptional grades in school while being a distinguished athlete.


  • Parents are expected to get players to practice and games on time, as well as pick up players timely.
  • All parents are expected to carry proper sideline behavior.  NO PROFANITY!
  • Parents are expected to remain at practice and/or games at all times.
  • Parents are expected to assist U6 and/or U8 coaches on the field during practice and/or games.
  •  Parents should not yell instructions from the sideline and allow the coaches to properly instruct.
  • If late to practice or a game, parents are expected to notify the coaching staff immediately and ensure their player is properly prepared with attire, equipment and ready to play.
  • Parents are expected to assist coaches on the field in U6 & U8 and remain during practice at all times during for all age groups.  Players should never be left unattended by a parent.
  • Parents should notify the coaching staff if school grades are below an acceptable level.
  • Parents are required to fulfill financial commitments to the team and club.  If a financial hardship presents itself, parents are expected to communicate this information to the coaching staff or team manager.
  • Parents should be supportive and recognize the value and importance of BSO volunteers, coaching staff, team mangers, referees and officials.
  • Do no scold or criticize your child after a challenging game.  Encourage them and be supportive. 
  • Be a role model and example to your child by exemplifying good sportsmanship at all times.

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